FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How have items been selected for the Gift Catalog?

    Gift Catalog items have been identified and discerned through conversations with ministries around the Archdiocese, and then vetted for approval of final publishing by a committee of stakeholders. Items published are those of greatest need at the current time. Items will update and change as needs are fulfilled and as new, pressing needs arise.

  • Tell me more about the "Gift Ideas" on each Cause's page.

    The Gift Ideas share the costs associated with its description and help show how far your gift will go. However, you may ultimately enter a gift amount of your choice on the giving form.

  • Can I make a gift to an area not listed on the Gift Catalog?

    If there is a specific parish, school, or ministry you wish to give to that isn’t listed, please reach out to us at 313-596-7400 or giftcatalog@aod.org. We would be more than happy to discuss and help direct your gift to where it is intended.

  • How is the Gift Catalog different from the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)?

    The CSA supports Archdiocese operations and Archdiocese-sponsored ministries. The CSA is run through parishes. If a parish meets their goal, gifts over the goal are kept by that parish for their discretionary use.

    The Gift Catalog allows you to make philanthropic gifts directly to a specific fund or purpose — a cause close to your heart, which may be in addition to your annual CSA gift.

  • How will I know that my gift went toward the intended area?

    Our promise is to be an excellent steward of your philanthropy. Your gift will go toward the area it’s intended for unless the need has recently been fulfilled. The Archdiocese will work to keep the items on the Gift Catalog up-to-date by priority.

    In the event the charitable purpose is no longer essential to the mission and/or has exceeded its funding goal, the Archdiocese may modify restrictions or conditions of a gift without expressed consent of the donor. The Archdiocese will seek to utilize donor gifts for comparable purposes.

    We will periodically share impact reporting on giving priorities within the Gift Catalog. You can also check in with us anytime, the Mission Advancement team, at 313-596-7400 or giftcatalog@aod.org.

  • How do I make a gift of stock, planned gift, tribute gift, etc.?

    Please visit our Other Ways to Give page for more information.

  • Can I make a pledge?

    If you would like to make a pledge to give over a specific period of time, we would be happy to help talk you through it. Please contact us at 313-596-7400 or giftcatalog@aod.org. Pledges are an expression of the intent to give in the future, and they are not recognized as a legally binding obligation.


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