Walking With Moms in Need
Walking with Moms in Need

You can make a difference in LIFE.

Your gift affirms the sanctity of life and the family.

As members of the Body of Christ, we are called to help moms in difficult circumstances. In the Archdiocese of Detroit, we have partnered with Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan to launch Walking with Moms in Need, equipping Catholic parishes and parishioners to assist and accompany pregnant and parenting women. We seek to address and resolve the struggles women and families face, rather than contributing to the “throwaway culture” that proposes eliminating people as an acceptable solution.

Through this proclamation for life, we will:

  • Partner with local pregnancy centers and organizations where they exist.
  • Raise awareness of existing resources for pregnant and parenting moms in need and their families.
  • Create resources where gaps exist, based on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and each parish’s particular gifts.
  • Convey to moms in our pews and out in our communities: ”you are not alone, we will walk with you”.

We invite you to join us by making a gift in support of this important ongoing work of Mercy. As we renew and redouble our efforts, let us continue to pray unceasingly for all pregnant women and their children. In Archbishop Vigneron words, “It is critical that any pregnant woman considering abortion knows that she has better options available and, most importantly, that she knows the love of Christ as shared through the witness borne by you, me, and all Catholics.”

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Building a Culture of Life

Our mandate is to accelerate a mission of love and respect for all human life. The Archdiocese of Detroit reaffirms our commitment to walking with and supporting women and families in need — with open arms and no judgment. It is through such spiritual, emotional, and practical support that we can create a world where abortion is unthinkable, and all women and families are empowered to choose life for their children.

In the Archdiocese, we do this largely through the work of Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, the charitable arm of the Church in southeast Michigan, and the Archdiocese's Department of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship. In particular, Walking with Moms in Need (WWMIN) is a ministry to help parishioners identify and create local resources that provide assistance to pregnant and parenting moms in need, and Project Rachel is a ministry for individuals in need of spiritual and psychological support after the trauma of abortion.

For more information, visit aod.org/prolife, or click a tile below to support.

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